Jun 02

LT2 Channel Coming Soon

LT2channelHi there, this is Stacey. I wanted to give you an update on how things are going with the LT2 Channel and, of course, the 3some Podcast.

The finishing touches are being done to the channel and Lex is very happy with the way things are shaping up. As of now, the tentative going “live” date is July 1st, however, the LT2 Channel could very well go live before that date. Everyone is really excited about it and if they feel it’s ready, they certainly won’t hold back just because a date was set. You can listen to the Lex & Terry Show for updates and I will be posting here with updates as I get them.

In the meantime, be sure to download the free app to your phone. That’s all you have to do to get ready. How flipping easy is that? You will be able to listen to the LT2 Channel on your phone anywhere, at any time. You will  hear the Lex & Terry Show live and then there will be music with all the different podcasts, including the 3some Podcast, sprinkled in throughout the day. There will also be a link at LexAndTerry.com and at 3somePodcast.com to listen to the channel while you are at your computer, if you don’t have the app.

As for the 3some Podcast, Lex and I have one episode under our collective belt. We plan on recording at least one more episode before the channel goes live and then it will be a weekly podcast. The premise of the podcast is that we’ll be picking odd topics and doing lists of three. For example, the topic might be “our three favorite songs to weep to” and then we’ll discuss them. Of course, the conversation usually goes off on weird tangents, but that’s what makes it fun! If you have ideas for 3some topics, please send them to us!

It has been a blast working with The Legend (a.k.a. Lexie Poo) again. I’m really happy to be involved with this podcast. We’ll post weekly schedules of when it will be airing on the LT2 Channel and any other place you might be able to find the 3some Podcast. Be sure to follow us on the various social media accounts we have set up. In theory, these blog posts should show up there too.

Until the next update, thanks for reading!


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  1. paul kimpel

    “The Three Best Cities to Crash Parties.” #1 – Gainesville, FL — Why Gainesville? Because of all the young drunken snatch, that’s why. But watch out – no more Date Rape drugs you clowns – they are coming out with a new nail polish that detects the presence of Roofies, et al.
    The sorority chick stirs her drink and Voila! You go to prison!
    #2 – Bayridge, Brooklyn – With the most bars per city block, every other apartment has an open-door party starting at 4 a.m. when the bars close. This is a friendly, Italian / German part of Brooklyn, and well-heeled. Great parties, friendly people, hot Italian and Greek girls in stilletos.
    #3 – Youpickittown – This choice is left open. I’m sure everyone has a part of their own town that has an open-hippie-house where everyone goes on Friday nights after 2 am. Right?
    Paul Kimpel

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