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Apr 15

More 3some Podcast Each Week!

basic-logo3Great news, folks! You’ll be getting more 3some Podcast. Lex & Stacey will bring you a new episode most weekdays. So make sure you are subscribed to iTunes or whatever app you use to listen, and are ready for almost daily downloads. Thanks so much for listening and supporting us. You guys rock!

Find out ways to subscribe here.



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Jan 08

Download Old Shows While You Can

bulldog-Puppy-BlueTo free up server space, Lex will be removing old episodes of the 3some Podcast sometime soon. This means if you had thought about downloading all episodes, starting with show #1 to collect or binge-listen, you might want to do that sooner rather than later. We don’t have a time yet when Lex will begin the purge but we will definitely make one last announcement on the site before it happens.

Don’t procrastinate! This adorable bulldog puppy will be very sad. You’ve been warned.


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Sep 17

3some Podcast Now Available on iTunes

LT2channelIt’s official! The 3some Podcast is now available on iTunes. Yay!

You can search for the podcast or use the direct link.

We have mostly caught up with making the old shows available. From now on, the podcast will be a weekly download.

For those who don’t use iTunes, the podcast is also available on Blubrry and Stitcher. If there is another podcast service or app that you use, let us know so we can add it.

Of course, to hear the very latest 3some Podcast, listen to the LT2 Channel either online or download the free app.

Thanks for the downloads and listening! We really appreciate your support. 🙂


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Jul 24

Listen to LT2 Without an App

LT2channelYou can now listen to the LT2 Channel live right here from this website. We’ve made it convenient for those who are unable to use the app with their phones, or if you just want to listen from your computer. Just click on the LT2 logo on the right side of this site and don’t be left out any longer.

We are still working on making the podcast available for download. That is a big goal and one that is actively being worked upon. In the meantime, download the LT2 app for your phone or listen live right here from your computer. We have posted the schedule of times the 3some Podcast airs on LT2.

Also, don’t forget if you want to suggest a topic you would like to hear Lex & I discuss on the podcast, you can send it to us here.

Thanks for listening and making both the 3some Podcast and the LT2 Channel a huge success!


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Jun 28

LT2 Channel Goes Live July 7th

LT2channelThe date has changed again! The LT2 Channel will go live on Monday, July 7th. You will have to download a new (FREE) app to listen. The app is not available yet but we will let you know when it is. I am under the impression, but could be very wrong, that the current app will let you know to download the new one. However, your best bet would be to keep checking here and on social media to know when it’s ready.

The LT2 Channel will play music with podcasts scattered throughout each day. I have put together a list of podcasts here. In case you are unable to download the app, we are hoping that you will be able to listen live from your computer right here at this site.

We do plan on making the 3some Podcast available for download but that won’t be until after the LT2 Channel has gone live. We intend to have it included in several of the big podcast directories and iTunes. It is a great feeling having people ask about it already. You all rock!

Please be sure to follow the 3some Podcast on any or all of its various social media accounts. These blog & podcast posts should show up there as well, for when you don’t remember to visit this site. Our RSS feed is available as well. If you talk about the 3some Podcast on social media (which would be AWESOME), please use the #3somechat hashtag so other listeners can find and join in your conversation.

Lex & I are always looking for weird and interesting topics to discuss. Please submit your 3some topics to us here. If you have a good one that we end up using, you will be the wind beneath our wings.

So, we all hope you check out the LT2 Channel on Monday, July 7th. I imagine there might be a few hiccups at the beginning, but there have been a lot of people working very hard to get this to you. We all appreciate your support and hope you enjoy both the LT2 Channel and the 3some Podcast. Thank you!!


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